40kHz 1000 Watt ultrasonic cleaner


We offer close-tolerance CNC machining vacuum parts and components for your application. We use none-based oil CNC cutting fluid during fabrication. After inspection parts are cleaned, UHV bagged in clean room and back filled with Nitrogen for shipment.

ADC operates a state of the art ultrasonic cleaner made by Ultrasonic Power Corporation (www.upcorp.com). It is Sonic-Pro series model # 10000B. The cleaner has both a wash tank, which is filled with cleaning solution, and a rinse tank, filled with deionized water.

Parts are cleaned in the wash tank then the cleaning solution is rinsed off in the rinse tank. The cleaner is able to handle parts up to 120" long x 8" wide x 16" deep.


The large ultrasonic cleaner makes cleaning vacuum components an automated process; even for very large parts.